Southridge Chiropractic carries a wide variety of products.

Dynamic Fruits and Greens

Daily Drink with the Antioxidant Power of 20+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables, comes in various flavors!


Tempur pedic pillows are ergonomically contoured to specific sleep positions and will help support you where you need it. 

Core Products

Core products supply many products that may help you including supportive braces, pillows and massagers.


Anabolic Labs

Anabolic Labs is a brand of high quality vitamins/supplements


Nutri-dyn is a brand of high quality vitamins/supplements


Spenco insoles and footwear provide arch support and stability that you need to help relieve foot and lower back discomfort. The insoles provide proper mechanics for the feet while walking or running. 


Biofreeze provides temporary relief for minor aches and pains, it helps by breaking the pain cycle.

Ice Packs

Icing helps decrease the inflammation in the region that you apply it. If you are having pain or discomfort, ice will help minimize this my reducing the inflammation in this area.



Opti Rest

Opti rest pillow is designed to give you a comfortable yet supportive pillow that is hypoallergenic.






Water Pillow

Water pillows are supportive and comfortable, easy to adjust the amount of water to achieve the desired amount of firmness.

Mesh Sitback rest

Sitback rests support the low back curve and promotes better posture while sitting or driving.



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